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I Kinda Just Want Radical Edward to Show Up in Netflix’s Live-Action Cowboy Bebop With No Warning

“I think I know. I don't think I know. I don't think I think I know. I don't think I think.”

Netflix Cowboy Bebop + Radical Edward logo

Netflix has released the first looks for the upcoming live-action Cowboy Bebop series and, I gotta say, the cast looks good as hell.

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It’s physically impossible for me to not be excited about this, and I’m not alone in that sentiment.

However, fans were quick to notice that a certain “radical” hacker was missing from the pictures.

It’s here that I realized that we haven’t gotten any sort of casting announcement for Ed. Honestly? I feel like that’s intentional, and appropriate, for our beloved Ed.

Radical Edward was a delightful little wild card who caught everyone off guard. I don’t just mean the Bebop crew; I mean the viewer, too, as the early trailers for Cowboy Bebop back in the day focused on creating a cool vibe.

At the time, I had no idea that the series would offer so much humor and heart, and I certainly had no idea that there’d be a character who literally rolls through the desert with a corgi.

Ed doesn’t show up until the ninth episode of Cowboy Bebop (note: the Netflix live-action adaptation is set to have ten episodes so far) and kinda felt like we’d unlocked a hidden character by accident. The fact that we’ve gotten zero information on who’s playing Ed or whether or not Ed’s even in the live-action adaptation has to be on purpose. It’d be perfectly in line with the spirit of the series and one of its most well-loved characters.

I legit just want Ed to show up and be a surprise to us all.


I know expecting that to be kept under wraps until the series releases on November 19 is asking a lot, but damn, it’d be SUCH a perfect introduction for Ed. With Netflix routinely offering entire seasons at once instead of weekly episodes, a quick binge-watch could lead to viewers discovering Ed in the span of a few hours after release (good luck avoiding that spoiler, though).

I’m pretty sure Netflix isn’t that patient, so I’m perfectly content with the idea of there not being a single casting announcement until we get a trailer that Ed, of course, hacks into in order to make their grand entrance.


Don’t show me any Ed. Just let Ed wander into the trailer.

I also think it would be neat if they announced a release date for the trailer and we got it early because Ed leaked it. (Shoutout to my wife for planting that idea in my head.)

Basically, I want them to have fun with how they go about revealing Ed. I don’t want it to be the predictable cast announcement and photo; I want it to be something completely out of left field. Let Ed take over the Netflix social media account for a day. Let Twitter make a little smiley icon that pops up whenever you use an Ed hashtag.

Don’t tell us about Ed. Let Ed tell us about Ed.

I think Ed would be happy with that.


(Image: Keiko Nobumoto, GEOFFREY SHORT/NETFLIX © 2021)

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