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Learn How Many Galleons or Federation Credits You Have in the Bank With This Nerdy Currency Converter

Not all that glitters is gold

This Intergalactic Exchange Bureau currency converter is a must have if you are a wizard trying to make it in the muggle world, have ever wondered how many galactic credits are in your bank, or have felt the need to discover if you are richer than a Lannister.  Above you can see how much Harry won in the Triwizard Tournament, in US dollars. Head past the jump to see some more interesting conversions, and check out the sci-fi currency converter for yourself.

Below you can see how much you might pay in Skyrim if you want to get surgery after taking an arrow to the knee, how much Game of Thrones Season 1 would cost in Westeros, based on how much it costs on Amazon, and how much it would cost a wizard like Mr.Weasley to take the NYC Subway.  Unfortunately, the converter doesn’t do fractions, but it is still quite fun.

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