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Neil Gaiman to Adapt Good Omens as a Miniseries With Terry Pratchett’s Posthumous Blessing


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It may have seemed that, with the sad passing of author Terry Pratchett, that we would never get to see any sort of a live-action Good Omens project. After all, every decision made about anything Good Omens-related was always made by both of its writers, Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Well, it seems that Pratchett has managed to convey his wishes about the future of the novel from beyond the veil.

At a memorial for Pratchett held at the Barbican Theatre in London last night, Gaiman spoke and revealed that Pratchett had left him a note before he died giving him his blessing to proceed with adapting Good Omens however he sees fit. Back in 2014, BBC Radio 4 adapted the book at Gaiman’s prompting, because he wanted Pratchett to be able to enjoy some kind of an adaptation before he died. But he was never planning on doing it himself.

According to The Guardian, Pratchett’s assistant, Rob Wilkins asked Gaiman to adapt Good Omens when driving from Pratchett’s home after one of the last times Gaiman visited Pratchett while he was alive:

“Absolutely not,” Gaiman recalled replying, to laughter. “Terry and I had a deal that we would only work on Good Omens things together,” he explained. “Everything that was ever written – bookmarks and tiny little things – we would always collaborate, everything was a collaboration. So, obviously, no.”

But Wilkins revealed to the audience that Pratchett had left a letter posthumously for Gaiman. In the letter, Pratchett requested that the author write an adaptation by himself, with his blessing. “At that point, I think I said, ‘You bastard, yes,’” Gaiman recalled, to cheers.

Gaiman then announced that the adaptation would be as a six-part television miniseries. There are no more details than that right now, but I have high hopes for a Pratchett-sanctioned, Gaiman-penned adaptation. It’ll be awesome to finally see Aziraphale and Crowley on screen!

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