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Neil Cicierega Drops Ever-So-Deliciously Weird “Mouth Moods” Mashup Album

Last night, music artist Neil Cicierega dropped a mashup album that I’m pretty sure is geared up to blow many other mashup albums out of the proverbial water. Titled “Mouth Moods”, the album is the third in a literal trilogy of patently “weird internet” mashup albums that takes some of the biggest hits of the 90s and early aughts and, well … does things to them.

Cicierega’s original “Mouth Sounds” was (arguably) one of the first to really drive home the Smash Mouth “All Star” craze that never really seems to leave the internet. It took the notorious internet hit and mashed it up with some of the most unlikely pairings in the world. In addition to that, he created an entire musical sequence filled with television show producer end credit themes—you know, the little jingles that play when producer or studio logos ran at the end of sitcoms and prime time television shows. It’s a seriously concentrated blast of nostalgia that’ll have you rolling … provided you can get past the other jarring (in a good way) mashups.

These hour-long mixtapes are just packed with mashups that will furrow your brow and make you say “really, what the hell” over and over again. If I’m being vague, it’s because I honestly am finding myself at a loss for words in trying to explain just what the heck this all is. It’s… well, it’s an experience, really, and it’s one best taken when you’re home alone (or at least not around polite company). I listened to “Mouth Sounds” for the first time at work, and I laughed until I cried, which prompted somebody to ask me if I was okay. Seeing as how I couldn’t answer through the giggles, I just nodded and hoped they would go away. It was awkward. It was weird. But that’s exactly what these mixtapes are, to be completely honest.

Anyway, this is my soundtrack for the rest of the day. Tell me what you think!

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