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Coming Soon to a TV Near You: A Hillary Clinton Miniseries, Cleopatra, An “Updated Remake” of Rosemary’s Baby, Scream

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It’s time for the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour, and in all likelihood that means nothing to you other than network heads have been telling journos what shows they’re really, totally going to make. Relevant to our interests: Announcements from NBC and MTV. Check out the details behind the jump.

First, from NBC: The network is going to make a four-hour biopic miniseries about Hillary Clinton starring Diane Lane, which is some excellent casting if I do say so myself. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

Hilary [sic] will be written and directed by Frozen River‘s Courtney Hunt [female writer! To quote Community‘s Abed, “Cool. Cool cool cool.”] and will recount Clinton’s life as a wife, mother, politician and cabinet member from 1998 to the present. The script will begin with Clinton living in the White House as her husband is serving the second of his two terms as president. It will include her likely run for president…”

So now we have a miniseries biopic called Hillary and a movie biopic called Rodham. Somebody make Clinton so we can round out this trio.

Also mentioned by THR is a “previously announced six-hour miniseries based on Cleopatra,” and I’m not sure how I missed that, exactly, but heck, sign me up. Le Google leads me to a Deadline article from last summer that describes the upcoming show as:

“an epic romance set in a world of sorcery, gods and monsters that centers on Cleopatra, Mark Antony and Julius Caesar. The young queen makes a sacred pact with a goddess to win back her throne, igniting a curse and an infamous love triangle that changes the course of history, forever ending the 4,000 year dominion of the Pharaoh.”

(NBC, I ask that you not go the Elizabeth Taylor route and cast a white person, please and thank you.)

In addition NBC will be making a four-hour miniseries version off Rosemary’s Baby described as an “updated retelling” of the original book by Ira Levin. There’s no word on what exactly the updates are save that the couple will live in Paris.

And finally, NBC will also adapt Stephen King‘s Tommyknockers and make a miniseries about the Pilgrims called Plymouth.

But what about Scream? That news, my friends, comes courtesy of MTV. We’ve known for a while that the network was planning to “reinvent” the classic meta-horror movie as a TV show, but at TCA it was announced that writers are attached, meaning the show’s still happening, like it or not. (I’m cautiously optimistic. As long as the self-parody makes it through intact it could be really good. “@TwitterFriend Great party! Think I might get lucky, hope I don’t get murdered. #YOLO” ) The writers are Jay Beattie and Dan Dworkin, who have previously worked together on Criminal Minds, Revenge, and The Event.

(via: THR, /Film)

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