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NBC’s Dracula Casts Its Van Helsing

Bloody Good Fun


We’ve been keeping up with NBC’s Victorian London-set Dracula because… well, it looks like it could be interesting. Its supporting cast (Merlin‘s Katie McGrath, Game of Thrones‘s Nonso Anozie, Arrow‘s Jessica De Gouw) is delightfully geeky, too. And now that geek-friendly cast has two more members: Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Jonathan Harker and Thomas Kretschmann as legendary monster-hunter Abraham Van Helsing.

It’ll be a few years yet until I can read that name without shuddering. I blame you, Hugh Jackman.

Dracula‘s Van Helsing will be somewhat different from previous incarnations, in keeping with how Dracula (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers) is an American businessmen with an interest in modern science and not a cape-wearing creeper who lives out in the middle of nowhere in Transylvania.

Writes The Hollywood Reporter, in NBC’s version of Van Helsing is:

“a brilliant professor with a cool exterior who is obsessed with revenge and [sic] makes him more of a threat to the public than to Dracula.”

THR continues,

Jackson-Cohen, meanwhile, will play Jonathan Harker, a tenacious journalist desperate to climb the ranks of aristocracy and stay there in the 10-episode drama.

German actor Kretschmann has a long list of supporting roles; among his credits are short-lived TV shows The River, The Bionic Woman, and FlashForward, plus The Pianist and Peter Jackson‘s King Kong. Jackson-Cohen’s major roles up to this point have been in the miniseries World Without End and Mr. Selfridge.

(via: The Hollywood Reporter)

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