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It’s National Run For Office Day!


run for office day

The one silver lining of our current political hellscape is that more women and marginalized people than ever before are taking initiative and running for office. American politics has always been dominated by old, straight, white, cis men. But last week, we saw a surge of new voices demanding to be heard.

If you found that at all inspiring, and if you’ve ever had even the tiniest twinge of interest in running for office yourself, today is your day. Today is National Run For Office Day.

This is a day to take the first step toward running for office, or encouraging someone you believe in to run for office. The idea can be intimidating. But the purpose of this holiday is to celebrate the fact that “anyone and everyone should consider running for office–especially local office.” We often think about politics only existing at the state or national level, but investing in local politics is essential to making sure your community represents your values. And you don’t need a ton of experience working in politics, you just need to care.

Do you wish the people who represented you cared as much as you do about the issues you find important? Whether it’s gun legislation, reproductive rights, health care, police violence–whatever’s important to you–there’s one guaranteed way to make sure your elected representatives are as passionate about it as you are: be that representative!

Check out to get started. If any tiny part of you is thinking about running for any position, or wondering what sort of positions are even available in your community, today is a great day to take that first step. Remember, if Donald Trump can be President, you can do anything.

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