Watch NASA’s Curiosity Landing Livestream Tonight

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NASA’s Curiosity rover is almost to Mars. It should land later tonight, around 1:31 AM Eastern time, but that’s just the climax. NASA has a livestream prepared for curious viewers who have been waiting with bated breath. The streaming of the mission begins at 11:30 PM Eastern time. The stream will almost certainly spend a majority of its time with mission control where folks will get to see just how nervous all those scientists and experts are during the landing.

To get an idea as to what the stream will include, our best bet is to look back at landings like the Spirit rover’s from 2004. There’s lots of talk about what exactly is going on combined with some conceptual imagery to give a firm visual. Pictures could potentially come in relatively shortly though they’d be incredibly simplistic. The video of the actual landing from the point of view of Curiosity won’t actually be available for some time as the data will have to transfer to us here on Earth.

As of writing, there’s about 14 hours and 30 minutes left before Curiosity attempts its series of maneuvers to land. NASA’s website actually includes a countdown timer, meaning that all references to time zones can be ignored if you live somewhere that doesn’t easily translate or just have a dislike for time zones in general.

(NASA via reddit)

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