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Updated: Get Your Climate Change Questions Answered in Today’s NASA Google+ Hangout

How often do you get to ask NASA climate scientists questions?

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Have a question on climate change now that the IPCC 2013 report is out and says that humans are almost definitely the primary cause of global warming? Now’s your chance to ask NASA climate scientists about it. NASA is hosting a Google+ Hangout today at 12:00PM EDT, and judging from the comments already, this should be interesting.

The Hangout will feature Ralph Kahn and Drew Shindell from NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, Eric Rignot from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Bruce Wielicki from NASA’s Langley Research Center. Kahn, Shindell, and Rignot all worked on the IPCC 2013 report, and Wielicki was a contributor to the 2007 report.

Despite overwhelming evidence and scientific agreement, climate change is still a divisive issue. The comment section of the Google+ post announcing the Hangout and the #AskClimate hashtag on Twitter show that it’s still something people aren’t willing to believe. That’s our question, NASA. Why do some people have such a hard time believing climate change is real?

The hangout will be live around 12:00, but until then why not look over the key science points of the IPCC 2013? You might learn something.

Update: The original link from NASA was broken. Here’s the correct one:

(via NASA, image via NASA/Goddard)

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