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The Discovery of Climate Change Might Be Our Greatest Scientific Discovery [Video]



Oh boy, PBS Idea Channel‘s getting into the climate change game. Say what you want about whether it exists, though (and I’m sure you all will); according to Mike Rugnetta, the fact that we’ve been able to gather so much data about different weather patterns across the globe for a century, standardize all that data, and turn those random numbers into useful and understandable information? That is pretty dang impressive. Seriously, have you ever watched the Weather Channel and thought about how much actual work goes into being able to record and analyze all that stuff? Watch the video already, because Mike explains this all better than I can.

By the way, in case you haven’t tried it yet, the PBS Idea Channel IRC is pretty sweet. Last time I checked it, everybody was arguing about fractals and recommending Lovecraftian board games to each other. You know. Like you do.

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