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N64Boy Advance is a Nintendo 64 Stuffed Into a Fake Game Boy Advance

Modded by Bacteria forum member Hailrazer (a modder various sites occasionally cover) has created this portable Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance hybrid, appropriately dubbed the N64Boy Advance. The device sports a GameCube analog stick, smaller trigger buttons, and removes the D-pad, which we all fondly remember as being useful for wrestling games. The N64Boy Advance also features speakers, a 4.3-inch display, and two camcorder batteries to power the probably-hungry beast. Funnily enough, the actual case for the mod is a Game Boy Advance carrying case, which happens to be shaped like a larger Game Boy Advance. Head on past the break to see a picture of the back of the device and a video of the unit in action.

(Modded By Bacteria via Engadget)

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