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‘My Hero Academia’ Fans Rejoice Over [SPOILER’S] Recovery

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers regarding Chapters 362 and 403 of My Hero Academia. Read at your own risk.

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Maybe all anime fans need is a little faith whenever their favorite characters supposedly “die.” After waiting more than a year, fans are rejoicing over recent leaks of Katsuki’s revival in Chapter 403 of the My Hero Academia manga. Many Bakugo Katsuki stans broke down over their favorite character’s unexpected loss. Katsuki wasn’t known to be nice, but he was a beloved character in the series and many fans were shocked by the events of Chapter 362. Although it was revealed afterward that Katsuki might be dead, he was still “repairable” through Edgeshot’s quirk.

Fans were traumatized by the ordeal, regardless. Some felt immense sadness for Katsuki’s parents, who were waiting at home for their kid to return to them in good health.

The timing of his return couldn’t be any better, since another beloved character is on the verge of death in chapter 402 as well. Putting that aside for a moment, Chapter 403’s leak featured a Katsuki who has awakened and sees Izuku for the first time since his long coma. In Chapter 362, Katsuki asked himself if he could still “keep up” with Izuku. They’ve only reconciled recently in Chapter 322, with Katsuki apologizing for all he’s done to Izuku in the past. He reminded Izuku that he doesn’t have to shoulder everything on his own and that he and other heroes will be there when he needs them the most. Nobody would expect that forty chapters later, Katsuki’s heart would literally stop.

Katsuki’s return is received generally with joy and excitement, but there are also naysayers who think that Katsuki should have stayed dead. Some argued that his death was perfectly executed, and bringing him back to life “cheapens” the threat of death. Regardless, Katsuki appears to be alive and revitalized in these leaks, and he’s ready to help kick villains to the curb once more.

Criticisms aside, some fandoms that experienced major character deaths in their manga feel a level of jealousy over Katsuki’s recovery and hope that their fave would be mended the same way.

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