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If The Muppets Made Firefly: Firefrog

i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

Another item for the list of things that I cannot in any way be coherent about. Zoe is ZoeWembley is Wash! GONZO IS BADGER. I can’t even. James Hance‘s work is just too consistently adorable.

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Needless to say, however, there are some subtler ones up here.

  • Bunsen Honeydew as Niska
  • Praire Dawn as Saffron
  • Pepe as Jubal Early
  • Sweetums as a Reaver

Certainly there are some odd choices here… but on the other hand the Muppets don’t really have very many villains… who are Muppets. Also lol, Sam has hair.

To see Hance’s work on this in various stages of completion, check out his Relentlessly Cheerful Tumblr.

(via Wired.)

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