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Some of us here at The Mary Sue saw The Muppets at the Museum of the Moving Image last night. And while we wouldn’t dare spoil any of it for you (not even in our upcoming review), we’re not going to just sit here and not bask in the glory of Muppetry. Two sites have compiled a bunch of great Muppet mashups — one with our very own alphabet, one with Lord of the Rings. Oh, yes. This is definitely as fun as it sounds.

First, the Muppet Alphabet, which has its very own Tumblr, The Muppabet, run by the artist responsible, David Vordtriede.

Above was B (Beaker), and here is A (Animal):

E (Sam the Eagle)

G (Gonzo)

M (Moi — or Miss Piggy)

R (Rowlf)

We left out Kermit and Fozzie because they star very prominently in these Muppet/LOTR pics by a variety of artists. Like this one, by Will Robertson:

By Jason Welborn

By Jason LaRocca Hansen

These mashups plus more, which were found on io9, were all a part of a Muppet/Tolkien challenge on the site Draw 2D2.

And watch this space for our review of The Muppets this Tuesday!

(via The Muppabet, io9)

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