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MTV Tries to Separate the “Geeks” From the “Poseurs” At SDCC, Harrison Ford Is Having None Of It [VIDEO]

And All Was Right With the World

Pressing play on this video I was all ready to be irritated at the idea of “unmasking” “fake geeks” as “poseurs,” like if you don’t know Smaug’s name it somehow invalidates any possible geekery, and like the celebs in geek movies and TV shows like Agent of SHIELD and Once Upon a Time should necessarily be assumed to be geeks themselves, and if they’re not they’re just dirty liars. Granted, the video is just a bit of fun, but I saw it right after we ran a photo gallery about the “fake geek girl” concept, so maaaaybe anger at the whole “fake geek” idea was at the forefront of my mind.

But then I watched the video. And readers, seeing how Harrison Ford was 150% done with the whole affair made my heart grow three sizes. His response to being asked to impersonate an angry Chewbacca will keep me going through dark times.

(via: MTV)

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