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The Most Powerful DC Characters, Ranked

Most powerful DC characters, featuring (clockwise from top left): Mr. Mxyzptlk, the Spectre, Eclipso, the Great Evil Beast

Mortal minds cannot conceive of this list.

Smarter than all the Batmans combined. Faster than the Flash. Stronger than Superman. These characters are at the very pinnacle of power in the DC Universe. They’re so powerful that they knocked the entire Justice League out of the ranking, and most of the villains, too. So powerful that you have probably never even heard of them because the very inclusion of one of them in a story would shatter it to smithereens. These beings are the ultimate universe-breakers, multiverse-breakers, god-eaters, and reality-enders. They are godly in the Abrahamic sense of the word. All powerful. Omnipotent. Unstoppable. Eternal. Transcendent.

Let’s meet the most powerful characters from the world of DC, shall we?

10. Eclipso

Eclipso in DC Comics
(DC Comics)

Eclipso was the original holder of the the title “The Wrath of God” before he was replaced by an even more powerful being on this list. Yes, we are dealing with straight-up religious divinities from the JUMP here. Eclipso’s resume is impressive to say the least, considering that he was the cause of the Great Flood. Yes, the BIBLICAL flood that Noah built an ark to survive. Essentially an angel, Eclipso was cast out of heaven after turning evil. He was eventually sealed inside a black diamond called the Heart of Darkness. Metal.

9. Anti-Monitor

(DC Comics)

When the universe was created at the beginning of time, an antimatter universe took shape in a parallel dimension. Guess where the Anti-Monitor is from? A god-like being that holds dominion over the antimatter universe, the Anti-Monitor is one of the most powerful beings the Justice League has ever faced. After learning of the parallel universe of positive matter, the Anti-Monitor sought to conquer it just like he did his own universe. He was eventually hurled into space by Superboy Prime in the New 52 DC universe. RIP.

8. The Spectre

The Spectre in DC Comics
(DC Comics)

The Spectre is the guy who replaced Eclipso as the Wrath of God. He was once a cop in Gotham City, but was murdered by criminals. Spectre was then reincarnated as an angelic being by God and granted all of the powers of divinity in order to punish criminals. He can bend reality to his will and perform miracles that not even Superman could hope to achieve.

7. Mr. Mxyzptlk

(DC Comics)

Aside from having the most powerfully confusing name in the entire DCU, Mr. Mxyzptlk is a extradimensional force to be reckoned with. He hails from the fifth dimension and often picks fights with Superman out of sheer boredom. Imagine how powerful you must be to repeatedly challenge the strongest hero in the Justice League because you have NOTHING BETTER TO DO. He is immortal, invulnerable, and insanely rich. And he can control fire and ice and gravity and the weather and time itself. Yet he can’t think of anything to do with all the power but be a nuisance.

6. The Word

The Word in DC Comics

The Word is quite literally the word of God (a.k.a. The Presence), being the first word that God ever spoke when creating the universe. Now the Word is responsible for enforcing the word of God by any means necessary. Even the Spectre is afraid of this guy. And since he is a transcendental being made of god-words, he cannot be harmed whatsoever.

5. Michael Demiurgos

Michael Demiurgos, a.k.a. Saint Michael the Archangel in DC Comics
(DC Comics)

Also known as Saint Michael the Archangel, Michael Demiurgos is the second son of God and the twin brother of Lucifer. As an archangel, Michael is one of the most powerful beings in existence, second only to God himself. Michael was able to wipe the floor with nigh-omnipotent beings like the Spectre when he challenged the ghostly apparition to submit to God’s will. Michael also led the forces of Heaven against Lucifer during the angel’s rebellion, but was felled from behind by a follower of Lucifer before he could make a killing blow. Michael possesses the demiurgic power of God, meaning that he is able to form entire cosmos as will. Casual.

4. Lucifer Morningstar

Lucifer Morningstar in DC Comics
(DC Comics)

Lucifer Morningstar is the twin brother of Michael, known to many on Earth as Satan, the Prince of Darkness. But he’s not THAT bad of a guy! Along with Michael, Lucifer was instructed by God, his father, to create the entire DC multiverse. Everything that is, was, and ever shall be was made by his hand and the hand of his brother. To call him powerful would be the understatement of the aeons. Lucifer is immortal, nigh-omnipotent, and is able to summon all of the forces of Hell to his side in battle.

3. The Great Evil Beast

The Great Darkness, a.k.a. the Great Evil Beast, lurks over the DC heroes
(DC Comics)

The Great Evil Beast is the origin of all darkness. In fact, one could say that it is the dark side of God himself. The Beast, also known as the Great Darkness, is equal in power to the God of Light in every way, but exists in a realm outside of him. It’s similar to Zoroastrianism, which is an ancient religion similar to the Abrahamic faiths, except it is duotheist. There is a God of Light and a God of Darkness, and these Gods are both infinitely powerful and exist separately from one another. The God of Darkness eventually merged with the God of Light after a heart-to-heart with Swamp Thing at the Gates of Heaven. Go figure.

2. The Presence

The Presence is literally God. Yahweh. El. The Most High. Do I have to explain the powers of God to you, you heathen? God is a being that is so powerful that God was able to transcend non-existence and actually exist. I can barely even wrap my mind around existing in the day to day, but to be so powerful that even when you don’t exist you can MAKE YOURSELF EXIST is mind-boggling. Or maybe God always existed outside the realm of time and space? Who knows. Mysterious ways, and all that. God is the Father of Lucifer and Michael, and the source of the Spectre’s godly might.

1. Monitor-Mind the Overvoid

The Overvoid in DC Comics
(DC Comics)

Yes. There is something more powerful than God in the DC universe. One could even say that this being—if you can even call it a being—is a god higher than God. Monitor-Mind the Overvoid, a.k.a. the Overmonitor, a.k.a. the Void, is the void outside of all creation; the thing that exists beyond the multiverse. Monitor-Mind is essentially the blank page on which the universe is written. It is the source of all creation and all creativity. According to Grant Morrison, it is the true God of the DC universe. In a way, it is the writer of it all.

(featured image: DC Comics)

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