The Most Expensive Item on Amazon

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The most expensive item on is supposedly this £1,175,000 elephant camouflage kit from Proporta, which is actually a maker of pretty good electronics and accessories. Oddly, they seem to be marketing this product to the elephants themselves rather than to their core market of gadgetheads, although they do offer a free currant bun with purchase:

Learn from the mammoth mistakes of your past and don’t let a lack of subtlety be your downfall. The Proporta Elephant Camouflage Kit uses our patented Clear Blue Sky Disappearing Technology to help you literally vanish into thin air, evading dangerous predators, tourists and boring guests at tea and bun parties. Monsoon-tested waterproof blue and white paint (also available in jungle green)* Includes masking tape (40 metres) Ideal for eavesdropping on rhinos * Don’t be tempted by rival products which use cheaper, water-based paint and can be fatal in crouching-tiger-heavy-rain scenarios. Buy now and get a currant bun absolutely free! Extinction Avoidance – from Proporta “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana.

Mixed user reviews so far, though.

I have no flipping clue where my elephants are. Only by carefully inspecting the butter dish can I tell when they have been in the fridge. For all I know they have left the country or are carrying out a series of bank robberies. Keep ’em peeled, folks.

So 5 stars for effectiveness but only 1 for utility.

See also: Proporta’s $ 1,484,423.95 big cat hunting stilts.

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