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Portraits of Classic Monsters — If They Were Flappers

i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

Someone — actually, Jeffrey Thomas — had a brilliant idea: take literature and film’s classic monsters (vampires, werevolves, etc.) and mash them up with another truly unleashed creature — the flapper. Above you’ll find the flapper-ized version of Frankenstein’s monster, and there are even more after the jump, plus some obligatory 1920s slang. Something tells me that these ladies might be really fun company at a speakeasy. Also, please accept this pre-emptive apology for the horrible jokes you’re about to read.

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The Creature from the Black Lagoon: Some people think she’s a tramp. She’ll tell you you’re all wet!

This Mummy’s daddy (boyfriend/lover, that is) thought she was the cat’s pajamas, partly because of her “glad rags.”

Someone obviously took this spooky dame for a ride (to bump her off), but she still knows the best haunts in town.

You’ll want to take this rowdy doll to the finest juice joint you know, but make sure she’s home before the full moon.

Be careful when necking with this sheba in the back of your flivver — she’ll slay you. No, really, you will die after she bites your neck because she’s a vampire. Seriously, be careful.

(The Uniblog via BuzzFeed)

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