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Monday Cute: Otter That Doesn’t Want to Wake up Is Peak Monday

Ryer, the North American River Otter who lives at the Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco is super grumps in the mornings if you try to wake him up and I’ve never related to an animal more. Sorry morning peopleif you actually exist and aren’t some kind of urban legend designed to make me feel badthis one’s not for you. It’s otter-ly endearing to see him growl at the disturbance (but much less cute when you are an adult human being who has responsibilities).

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The sleepy otter is one of the aquarium’s three otters, the other two being Shasta and his sibling Baxter. He loves playing in the snow with his buddies and it makes him proud when you play your part in your country’s democratic process by voting. But, oh boy, does he not like having his sleep disturbed. (Here’s a happy otter for comparison.) Same, Ryer. Same.

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