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Monday Cute: Aliens Discover That the Key to Humanity Lies in Tap Shoes and a Jukebox


Normally, Monday Cute is all about adorable animals or really cute babies, but this week I wanted to share a really sweet sci-fi short film that shows us what aliens might think of us if they came across the detritus of a long-lost Earth. Spoiler alert: they don’t think we’re terrible!

First of all, if you love sci-fi and haven’t been to Dust yet, you really should. It’s an awesome destination for brilliant, short-form sci-fi content from all over the world. This film, written and directed by Tyler Rabinowitz, is called Alientologists, and it stars Danny Gardner as “a curious alien researcher struggling to fit in with his team accidentally discovers a mysterious box that could be the key to understanding who we were.”

Co-starring Kurt Csolak, Macy Sullivan, and Trevor Brooks as the rest of the alien team, the film has no dialogue spoken in English. Instead we get to happily piece together their interactions through context and the tone of their alien language. We watch as they’re confused by what we’d consider to be everyday items, and we feel for Gardner’s researcher as he finds beauty or interest in things that the rest of the team thinks are garbage.

Then, there’s the jukebox and the tap shoes. Suddenly, everything changes and leads to a beautiful moment of connection for the team.

If you have fifteen minutes to spare, and you’re looking for a boost going into the rest of your day, watch Alientologists and let it put an extra spring in your step.

(via Dust, image: screencap)

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