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J.J. Abrams Returns to Sci-Fi Television With a New, Female-Led Creation All His Own

It's about damn time.

It's been eight years since the last show J.J. Abrams created and wrote, and 11 years since the last sci-fi show he wrote and created. Now, he's finally returning to the original sci-fi television that made him.

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Annihilation Teaser Trailer Gives Us the Fierce, Female-Fronted Sci-Fi We Deserve

Yesterday's "Things We Saw Today" delivered a first glimpse of the upcoming Alex Garland female-led sci-fi film, Annihilation, which is based on the best-selling novel by Jeff VanderMeer. Today, we have our first teaser trailer, and it's glorious and weird. Exactly what we'd expect from an Alex Garland film.

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Veep Creator Is Making a New Comedy Set In Space

Armando Iannucci, the creator of Veep, is working on a new half-hour comedy set in space for HBO.

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13 Memorable Songs That Reference Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Sci-fi, fantasy, and music have always had a symbiotic relationship. In this Internet age of pop culture literacy and media remixes, that symbiosis is even more apparent. Today, we're taking a look at just a few of the memorable references to science fiction and fantasy in music.

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Watch This Robot Dad Try to Save His Family From Pseudoscience and An Oppressive Religion in “Battery Life”

In "Battery Life," a family of robots find themselves cast out by their religious community after an accident nearly kills their son. Both mother and father sacrifice to try and save their child and find out the truth.

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Looking for Short, Quality Sci-Fi Content? Oats Studios and Dust Are Here to Provide

Yesterday, an exciting sci-fi vehicle starring Sigourney Weaver and directed by District 9's Neill Blomkamp dropped. Only, it wasn't in theaters.

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Electric Dreams Come True: Janelle Monáe Joins Philip K. Dick’s Sci-Fi Anthology Series

Janelle Monáe has joined the new anthology series Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams as the villain for an episode titled "Autofac" opposite Juno Temple.

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Things We Saw Today: Evan Rachel Wood Bestows Wise Advice to Millie Bobby Brown Involving Licking a Toilet Seat

Variety has an awesome series of videos called Actors on Actors in which two actors are paired in conversation about their craft and industry. In their most recent episode, they paired Westworld's Evan Rachel Wood and Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown. Talk about powerful female characters!

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Author Becky Chambers Shares Her Sci-Fi Writing Secrets

Our friends at The Portalist talked to author Becky Chambers about her decision to write a standalone sequel; the research and worldbuilding that goes into the Wayfarers books; and her advice for creating inclusive sci-fi.

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Chris Hadfield Is Proof of the Power of Sci-Fi

The astronaut says his career is evidence of science fiction's influence on real-life space travel.

For many of his fans, Chris Hadfield has made space feel more closer to Earth than ever.

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Things We Saw Today: Trump Sends Legit Hate Group and Anti-Women Group to Rep the U.S. At U.N.

Because of COURSE he did.

The 61st annual United Nations Commission on the Status of Women is happening now through March 24th, and all U.N. members are asked to send representatives to the session as they work to create real gender equality. So who does Trump send as part of the U.S. delegation? Members of an organization officially recognized as a hate group, and members of another organization that isn't a hate group per se...they just really don't like women and gay people having rights and stuff.

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Brit Marling’s The OA and The Sound of My Voice Caution Against Not Believing Women

After watching the wonderful weirdness that is Netflix's The OA, I began to think about the similarities between it and star/creator Brit Marling's feature film, The Sound of My Voice. The two have several motifs in common. However, and more importantly, they both seem to focus on the importance of believing women about their own experiences. **SPOILERS FOR BOTH THINGS! SO, YOU KNOW, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED**

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Movie Trailer Roundup: Life Is Still Horrifying, The Fate of The Furious Looks Cool

Sony Pictures is ushering in a new week of fresh horrors with an official trailer to get your heart pumping and sweat glands working overtime.

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Exclusive: Excerpt From New Sci-Fi Novel Six Wakes by Mur Lafferty

There's a killer aboard the interstellar spaceship Dormire on its 400-year journey, and the victims, newly awakened in cloned bodies, are the ones trying to figure out who it is before it's too late. This is the new sci-fi novel Six Wakes, by Mur Lafferty.

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James Cameron Is Making a Documentary About the History of Science Fiction

Director James Cameron has signed a deal with AMC to produce a six-episode documentary series, tentatively titled James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction, which will explore how science fiction tries to answer humanity's "big questions."

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Golden Globes 2017: Moonlight and La La Land Take Best Picture, But No Love for Genre Faves Stranger Things, Deadpool or Westworld

Genre fiction still seems to have a tough time taking home awards, if this year's Golden Globes serve as any indication.

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The Expanse Season Two Trailers Show That Despite Colonizing Mars, Humanity Hasn’t Come Very Far At All

So much sci-fi is set in an idealized future in which humanity has figured everything out; in which our only enemies are those outside our species and humanity is a beacon to which other species should aspire. SyFy's The Expanse is not that show. This show is all about reminding us that technological advancement and evolution as a species don't necessarily have anything to do with each other.

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Netflix’s Newish Sci-Fi Series, Travelers, Is Like Assassin’s Creed Meets Legends of Tomorrow

Plus Eric McCormack.

Netflix just released the trailer for their newish sci-fi series Travelers and there's something oddly familiar about it.

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Frank Herbert’s Dune Novel is Heading Back to the Mainstream

Dune, Frank Herbert's 1965 novel, is about to make a huge comeback.

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This Clip From Passengers Finds Jennifer Lawrence Living My Worst Nightmare

Having seen this first clip from the upcoming film, Passengers? If I'm ever on a huge spaceship with a pool? I'm never, ever, ever setting foot in that pool.

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