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Hipsters Rejoice: You Don’t Have to Give Up Moleskines For Your iPad

Good News Everyone!


Everyone’s favorite notebooks — that is, the ones with paper for which you need a writing implement such as a pen — have been translated into an app for the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. The Moleskine app, which debuted April 15, allows people to take notes as if they were writing in an actual notebook. Because you can always write in a notebook, but the coolest people will spend $500 to do that on an iPad. Sssshhhhh, don’t tell them.

Among the special features that can’t be accomplished with the traditional Moleskines are geo-tagging, “[cataloguing] as many memories as you want with a full range of categories,” incorporating images provided by the app, and sharing notes through social media. (Because everyone definitely wants to see your chicken scratch mind-happenings, don’t they?) There is also a choice of paper: plain, ruled, or squared. Indeed — when all great writers want to jot down their thoughts the moment they pop into their heads, there is nothing more convenient than booting up an electronic device, waiting for your Moleskine app to load up, and then accidentally ending up in the attention-stealing wormhole that is the Internet (or Angry Birds) while you’re trying to hold on to whatever is left of your own independent thought.

But it is an iPad app, and it is Moleskine. So people will get it. And sit around in Starbucks with it. But tell me — what is a Moleskine notebook without the band around the cover and the pocket in the back?

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