Ron Weasley, Boromir, and Tywin Lannister Are Doing a Modern-Day Macbeth

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In a time when geekdom has gone as thoroughly mainstream as it now is, it’s hard to find a large-ish movie that doesn’t have someone in its cast who’s been in a well-known genre property. But this Shakespeare adaptation takes it to a new level.

The movie in question is Enemy of Man, a modernized adaptation of Macbeth that is expected to film in January 2014. Director Vincent Regan has been working on the film for a while, but it was seeing on The Hollywood Reporter that Harry Potter star Rupert Grint has been cast (as Macbeth’s cousin Ross, according to IDMB) that caught my eye.

And then, well, look at the rest of the cast: We have Sean Bean as Macbeth, Game of ThronesCharles Dance as Duncan, and Jason Flemyng (nerd pedigree: Azazel in X-Men: First Class) as Macduff. James D’Arcy (Cloud Atlas) is rumored to be Banquo. And there’s also Rudy from Misfits (Joseph Gilgun) and Harry Potter‘s Fenrir Greyback (Dave Legeno) in the mix. The film’s somewhat bare website lists Charlotte Gainsbourg as Lady Macbeth and Sam Claflin (ohai Finnick!) as Malcolm, though it also has a completely different actor as Macduff, so who knows how to up-to-date it really is.

Regan gives us a glimpse at what we can expect to see with his version of the classic tragedy:

“Although 400 years old, Shakespeare’s work feels truly contemporary. An ambitious childless couple; their longing for family replaced by a chilling pursuit of absolute power. Remaining true to its dark heart, we will strip back the dialogue, crank up the action and produce an atmospheric and blood-soaked chiller.”

Enemy of Man is, to my knowledge, the second Macbeth film currently in the works; the first is an historical version starring Magneto Michael Fassbender and Talia al Ghul Marion Cotillard. I’m waiting for a third to pop up, maybe one with Sir Patrick Stewart and Anne Hathaway. Ooh, and it can be set in space.

(via: The Hollywood Reporter)

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