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MissCoffee Rendered Geek Luminaries in Plushie Form

this exists

I’m pretty sure we’ve posted this adorable Indy before, but that was before we knew about the rest of MissCoffee (on DeviantArt), aka Michelle Coffee‘s (on Etsy) work in the world of felt and stuffing creations.

Coffee, you see, takes commissions. And seems to post a lot of her finished work on DeviantArt. Which is great for us, or at least it would be, if someone could invent a machine that let you cuddle things through the internet. Things like Doctors:

Carl Sagan,

Darth Vader,

the rogues of Star Wars,

Sailor Moon,


the Gotham City sirens,

grumpy Batman,

creepy but still somehow adorable Joker,


and the cast of Aqua Team Hunger Force. Yup.

(via Geeks are Sexy.)

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