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What 3.9 Hours of Mouse Movement in Minecraft Looks Like

What you see above is a graph of the mouse movements of redditor ValTM playing Minecraft for around 3.9 hours. The map was made by the program IOGraph, which I promptly downloaded and installed. The java app tracks user mouse movement (as lines) and stops (as dots that increase in size with duration of the stop). The result is a neat little piece of abstract art that ostensibly contains some level of information about mouse movement, but does a better job of looking cool. Apparently, there’s a bit of a tradition of using IOGraph while gaming. Check out a few more from different games after the jump.

This one is 1.2 hours of World of Warcraft (via)

And here’s StarCraft 2 for about 3 hours (via)

And Counter Strike: Source for 40.2 minutes (via)

Naturally, I’m working on 5 hours of writing for Geekosystem right this very moment.

(via reddit)

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