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Mouse Without Borders: An Elegant Solution to a Problem Hardly Anyone Has

How many of you are sick of having a separate mouse and keyboard for each of the four computers you have running simultaneously? Me neither. But, if you do, then Truong Do’s Mouse without Borders will likely be the best thing you read about today.

The project is the latest to sneak out of Microsoft’s Garage, a program that gives MS employees the chance to develop hobby projects on the side. In this case, Do wanted something that would streamline his workflow across multiple computers. His solution uses a Wi-Fi network to link up to four computers together, allowing a single keyboard and mouse to function for each. What’s more, Mouse without Borders lets users drag and drop or cut and paste between computers with such ease you’d think they were just four monitors instead of four computers.

Though only a few people will be able to really reap the benefits of Mouse Without Borders, it really is a clever and well executed solution to a tricky problem. Read on below for a video of the software in action, and a little bit of the story behind the man who created it.

(via Engadget)

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