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Minecraft Coming to iPad and iPhone


Markus Persson, otherwise known as Notch and Minecraft Lord and Savior, has exclusively revealed to Gamasutra that Minecraft will officially be making its way to the iOS devices later this year. Notch revealed that the iOS release wouldn’t be receiving every single update that hits the browser and downloadable versions of the game, but would be receiving the updates that make the most sense for portable devices.

On top of this, a post on Notch’s Tumblr says Mojang is aimingĀ at releasing the next update, 1.3, within the next week or so, which will include “redstone delay/repeater blocks and the beds.”

While we can all be happy for the impending release of portable Minecraft, one has to wonder how well actually controlling the game would work on the smaller iPhone screen, or even without tangible controls. In theory, it could work fine, but it would drastically cut down the player’s maneuverability and accuracy. Though Notch hired a new employee, Aron Neiminen, to do the port, one can only assume Notch wouldn’t hire a guy who couldn’t do the job well, and Notch wouldn’t turn a blind eye to the port once Neiminen begins work on it. One also has to wonder when either some or all of the Big Three are going to get on top of this game before it’s too late. Since when don’t Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony want money?

(via Gamasutra)

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