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Minecraft Film Announces Director: Rob McElhenney of It’s Always Sunny

Yes, you read that right. Rob McElhenney of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been chosen to helm the Minecraft feature film that’s in the works. The bizarre shock-humor of It’s Always Sunny doesn’t seem like it would mesh well with Mojang’s light-hearted open world game, especially given Minecraft‘s surging popularity with very young children. It’s hard to imagine McElhenney behind a G-rated concept, but the results could be hilarious.

The film’s original director, Shawn Levy, got the boot from Mojang in December 2014 because his Goonies-inspired concept didn’t pass muster. This suggests that McElhenney, by contrast, must have come up with a concept that did impress Mojang— although one can only imagine what that was. Taking inspiration from Goonies sounds about right for a kid-friendly Minecraft film, but clearly, Mojang wants to take this flick in a totally different direction.

(via SlashFilm, image via Twitter)

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