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Make Some Noise and We Might Get Season 3 of Mindhunter


The cast of Mindhunter looking real professional

As a huge fan of the David Fincher movie Zodiac, Mindhunter was a show right up my alley. Executive produced by Fincher (who also was the de facto showrunner), the Netflix series revolved around some of the first people who set out to profile serial killers and was based on book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit. 

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Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff), Bill Tench (Holt McCallany), and Wendy (Anna Torv) were entrenched in the world of serial killers like Ed Kemper right on up through Charles Manson. The show was widely acclaimed and had a dedicated fanbase—so news that it was seemingly dead in the water and would not be back for a third season hurt us immensely.

Mindhunter felt unique in a society already obsessed with true crime properties. The deep dive into historical killers that Fincher & Co. gave us was a unique and reflective look into our obsession, grounded in a lot of realism while also giving the main characters their own dramas at home and at work. Many of the cases also related important history lessons, even if parts were fictionalized or dramatized.

Mindhunter was a fascinating exploration of how the FBI profiles killers from the beginning of the practice, when it seemed an uncertain undertaking. And the cast—especially Groff, McCallany, and Torv—always blew us away. Here at The Mary Sue, we were big fans. But it seemed as if season 3 was never going to happen, and we (very begrudgingly) accepted that.

Now, Mindhunter director Asif Kapadia quote tweeted a VERY baity tweet from Netflix Film about a David Fincher project for the streaming platform with this:

So what Kapadia is saying is that if we make enough noise, we can go back to our serial killers with Jonathan Groff, Anna Torv, and Holt McCallany? If we yell enough about Mindhunter, Netflix will listen? Because if that’s what Kapadia wants us to do, I will gladly tweet every day to get more of the show back in our lives. Though that initial Netflix teaser tweet was revealed to be about VOIR, an upcoming collection of Fincher visual essays on cinema, many had crossed fingers that the streamer was really teasing more Mindhunter.

Kapadia’s tweet does give me hope that the show could come back. He’s keeping the torch burning and generating some media coverage we hope Netflix will pay attention to. It has been relatively quiet on the Mindhunter front since last year when David Fincher revealed that the show would not be getting a season 3 right without giving us any insight into whether or not the show would come back at all. The fact that Asif Kapadia seems to think that it is even a possibility? That means we can still hold out some sort of hope, right?

Fans of the show want to see a season 3 and so if we all band together and yell enough online, maybe Netflix will listen to us and give us more serial killers and more Anna Torv. It is, after all, what we deserve after the last two years.

I suggest we use the hashtag #BringBackMindhunterYouCowards but that’s just me.

(via ScreenRant, image: Netflix)

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