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Last-Minute Costume Idea: Human Slinky — If You Have $1 Million Laying Around

Good News Everyone!

Does this ever happen to you? It’s the day before Halloween, you swore you’d dress up this year, and all you can think to do is head to the nearest costume store and buy yourself a cheap costume piece to wear with your regular work clothes, like a witch’s hat, devil horns, hipster glasses, flowing cape, etc. Well, here is an idea for you: Giant Human Slinky. Here is what you’ll need: One million dollars. But free shipping!

You might be wondering why this thing costs a million dollars. It’s because that money is for the American Cancer Society. Well, 10 percent of it. The other 90 percent is just for the sheer privilege and joy of wearing a giant rainbow Slinky. But it has been seen on America’s Got Talent and The Late Show With David Letterman! And you can buy it now on eBay!

So, really, this is not your regular, everyday Human Rainbow Slinky costume. This is part of an actual performance by Veniamin Shows, who wanted to make it possible for non-performers (and millionaires) to try to put on their own Human Slinky show. Going by the eBay listing, it is one size fits all, comes new without tags, but no mention of an instruction manual. Why would you need one of those? Here is the Human Slinky in action:

What are you waiting for? You can have this tomorrow!

(via Daily Mail)

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