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Watch Michael Showalter Say There Will Definitely be a Wet Hot American Summer Sequel [Video]

In response to the question of whether or not there will be a Wet Hot American Summer sequel, Michael Showalter, former cast member of the stellar The State (which I will mention every single chance I get for the rest of my life), said “Absolutely, yes. One-hundred precent, yes.” He also went on to say that the whole cast is getting in on it.

Last year in an interview with Vulture, David Wain said that if a sequel were to happen, they’d be funny about it and make it a prequel, it’d be set during the same summer as the original, and the cast would be full of 4o-year-olds playing 16-year-olds. While that is pretty amusing by description, and would without a doubt be hilarious given the caliber of the cast, it might be difficult to get the whole cast back together in practice. The original movie featured actors who are currently top billing, such as Amy Poehler and Bradley Whitford.

Michael Showalter says it is going to happen, however, even though he’s a comedian and his tone could’ve been taken as sarcastic in the above interview. Either way, we can’t really do anything about it but dream and wait. At least we can take solace that Showalter saying it’s happening is better news than saying it isn’t.

(via BuzzFeed)

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