[UPDATED] Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan Subjected to Sexist, Racist Radio Interview

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[Editor’s Note: AJC.Com points out that the initial questions regarding Sue and Johnny’s familial relationship were asked by Jason Bailey, rather than “Southside Steve” Rickman. We’ve updated our coverage to reflect that, and apologize for any confusion.]

During an interview with Jamie Bell, Kate Mara, and Michael B. Jordan over the weekend, Atlanta Rock 100.5’s Steven J. Rickman and Jason Bailey antagonized Mara and Jordan with racist questions about the film’s casting and totally inappropriate comments on Mara’s appearance.

If you don’t want to sully your day by watching the clip, it features the interviewers being intentionally ignorant about Sue and Johnny Storm’s familial relationship (“you’re black; how does that happen?”); berating the actors for not watching the movie, and criticizing Mara’s short hair cut (apparently she was “way, way hot” before). The clip ends with Mara being asked if the hair comment made her uncomfortable, and Rickman assuring her, “I’m a toe guy, and your toes are fine.”

Obviously, it’s an impressive testimony to their patience (and the frequency with which these dehumanizing interviews occur) that Mara and Jordan stayed reasonable throughout, and I’m glad they didn’t rise to the interviewers’ bait and give him the dramatic outburst they were likely looking for.

But actors shouldn’t need to remain calm in interviews where they’re not being treated with basic human decency. There’s professionalism, and then there’s being put in a position where you have to ignore someone insulting your humanity, and the two get conflated way too often. Dealing with racism and sexism is not “just part of the job description.”

Gross, Atlanta Rock. Way gross.


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