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Whoopi Goldberg Encourages Disney to Stop Hiding Song of the South, Along With Our History

In the video interview after the jump, Whoopi Goldberg says, "I’m trying to find a way to get people to start having conversations about bringing Song of the South back, so we can talk about what it was and where it came from and why it came out."

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Are We Seriously Supposed to Believe There Are No Brown Men Talented Enough for Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin?

Sources suggested that the search for a lead in Disney's live-action Aladdin has been "especially" difficult because the team is only looking at Middle Eastern and Indian actors. This is just plain racist.

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Why Would the Boston Globe Give Space to Racist, Sexist Hot Garbage?

The Boston Globe's Roland Merullo posted a "think piece" just before the July 4th holiday called "In Defense of the White Male." You know, because no one ever comes to their poor, defenseless, marginalized aid.

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Georgetown Law Center Study Illuminates the Disturbing “Adultification” of Black Girls by Adults with Authority

We've long known that black boys are seen as older than they are by those in authority, whereas white boys manage to be seen as "boys" well into their twenties (and even thirties), and that this particular manifestation of racial bias affects how black boys are punished for behavior and infractions that would, in white boys, be tolerated or excused because they're "just kids." A new study out of Georgetown shows that the same "adultification" is true for black girls.

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Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park Will Leave Hawaii Five-0 After CBS Refused to Pay Them As Much As Their White Co-Stars

Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park will both depart Hawaii Five-0 after CBS refused to pay them as much as their white co-stars.

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Spineless New Jersey College Fires Black Professor For Expressing an Angry Opinion on Television

Former Essex County College professor and political commentator Lisa Durden was fired from her professorship, because she went on a talk show and expressed a valid opinion in too loud and angry a voice.

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Trevor Noah: “How Does a Black Person Not Get Shot in America?”

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah asks the question we're all thinking after the not guilty verdict in the horrific shooting death of Philando Castille.

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Seattle Woman Killed By Police, Charleena Lyles, Is the Latest Black Life That Apparently Doesn’t Matter

30-year-old Charleena Lyles called the police yesterday morning to report an attempted burglary in her fourth-floor unit at Brettler Family Place apartments in Seattle. When the two white police officers arrived, they ended up shooting her. She was pregnant, and already the mother of three children. She was also black.

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“Death by A Thousand Cuts”: Women Engineers Speak Out About the Sexism in Silicon Valley

In this video from Wired, women engineers speak about their experiences with workplace sexism and racism in the tech industry.

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Interview: Malcolm David Kelley on Kathryn Bigelow’s Detroit: “This Movie is Gonna Speak Volumes”

We're thrilled about the upcoming film, Detroit. First, because it's a Kathryn Bigelow joint, and we're thrilled when she creates anything these days. Second, the John Boyega factor. And third, because even though it tells a story of civil unrest from fifty years ago, it's sadly all-too-relevant today. Annapurna Pictures provided us with the second trailer for the film, which you can see after the jump.

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Taika Waititi Gives a PSA on How a Little Racism Can Go a Long Way


We're pretty familiar with celebrity PSAs and donation campaigns, but Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi has a special plea for his fellow kiwis ... racism?

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Ice Cube Appears on Real Time to School Bill Maher on the N-Word

Bill Maher is problematic. So is Ice Cube. But in this case, it took the latter to remind the former that you shouldn't feel "too familiar" with oppressed groups. Certainly not "familiar" enough to feel comfortable dropping a racial slur.

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Police Officer Who Killed Tamir Rice Has Been Fired … But Not for That Crime

Good news! The cop who shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice back in 2015 has finally been fired! Yay! The bad news? He was fired over "administrative charges" against him, and that subsequent investigation. Because apparently, administrative issues gets you totally fired, but killing a 12-year-old doesn't.

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Texas House of Representatives Has Gone Full Lord of the Flies

Just when we think this country's political landscape couldn't get any more out of control, elected officials start threatening to shoot each other over immigration bills.

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The Portland Attack Was an Act of Terrorism & Trump Needs to Acknowledge That

Following the tragic stabbing on a Portland MAX train, Donald Trump still doesn't recognize that this radicalized white supremacy is domestic terrorism.

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Racists and Sexists Hate On Star Trek Discovery‘s Diversity Even Though It’s Still Unbalanced in Their Favor

It's not even that serious, you guys.

It always makes me laugh whenever the very people who complain that "liberals are too sensitive," or that we're seeing injustices where they don't exist are the first people to pitch a fit at the slightest hint that maybe white, straight, male, cis, able-bodied, straight-sized people aren't the only people in the world. It doesn't surprise me, but it does always make me laugh. After all, people often project their own behavior on others, amirite?

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Things We Saw Today: Pump Yourself up for Wonder Woman With This Sick Cello Version of Her DCU Theme

Cellist Tina Guo is not messing around. She damn near attacks her version of Wonder Woman's theme from Batman v Superman. With the premiere of her first cinematic solo outing in two weeks, it's time to start getting pumped, people. Blast this shizz everywhere, and get your tickets!

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Normal Handshakes, Chris Pine: SNL Imagines the First Black Bachelorette

Pine's contestant makes multiple attempts to woo the beautiful bachelorette with classic likes like "I have said the word, but only when I sing along to rap music. Now, are they raps I write myself? Yes. Do I feel cool when I say it? Absolutely.”

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Oh Great, Now Racism and Xenophobia Are Apparently “Cultural Anxiety”

"This is fine."

Ever since Donald Trump's election win, we've heard a lot about the voters who drove him to victory and the need to understand their "economic anxiety" rather than call out the racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, or anything else that drove their vote. Now, The Atlantic has published a story with data suggesting we may have been right about those voters' underlying reasoning after all, but don't worry, racists; they've come up with a brand new code phrase to hide behind.

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Feminist Frequency’s The FREQ Show a Wonderful Antidote to the Current Sociopolitical Climate

We are in desperate need of an antidote to the times in which we live. Thankfully, the folks at Feminist Frequency are providing one with their all-new series (and follow-up to the recently-ended Tropes Vs. Women in Video Games) The FREQ Show. The first episode, "Whitewashing," was released this week, and you can check it out after the jump!

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