Metaverse Makeovers Creates Augmented Reality Nail Art Inspired by She-Ra, Jem and the Holograms, and Sailor Moon

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Thea Baumann’s glam-tech fashion company Metaverse Makeovers wants you to feel as cool as the Sailor Senshi do right when they begin a transformation sequence. Have you ever wanted a set of press-on nails that also causes sparkles and holographic backgrounds to appear all around you? Then you’re in luck.

The Metaverse Makeover nail art packages don’t create sparkles within our reality, but they do the job in augmented reality, via a free app called MM Nails. You snag the app, then you stick on a pair of these glam wearable tech nail sets, so your nails look cute in reality and even cooler inside the world of the app. It’s like a Snapchat filter, except for your nails, and also way cooler designs. Half of the nail sets appear to be sold out from the MM store page right now, but there’s still pink leopard available, as well as a princess-themed set.

In the video up top, Thea Baumann discusses her motivations for making a “glam tech” fashion company, and her hopes to develop more wearable tech made with this type of design ethos. Sailor Moon is one of her inspirations–the video even shows some of the nail art models picking up Senshi wands–but Baumann also cited the influence of cyber-glam shows like Jem and the Holograms and She-Ra, both of which also allowed their heroines to use objects to get superpowers.


Jem uses her earrings to project holograms around herself, Princess Adora lifts her Sword of Protection to transform into She-Ra, and the Senshi have their wands to transform. It’s clear from the aesthetics of the models in the video that these designs have influenced the Metaverse Makeovers concept. Here’s another example of an ad, if you want to get more of an idea about the overall aesthetic of the company:

I doubt it’s any surprise to anyone that I like this, since I’m the one who also adored the similar aesthetic displayed in Carly Rae Jepsen’s super-glam “Boy Problems” music video. But CRJ’s video was fictional–and this company, and the nail art, is real.

Again, there are only four nail sets so far, and that’s the only product that Metaverse Makeovers has available at this time, but I really love the design ethos of this! I hope they keep coming up with more cool concepts in this same vein, and encourage other artists to do the same. The future of fashion looks pretty fun.

(via Vice, image via YouTube screencap)

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