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Brother Tells Sister to Stay Out of Room, Sister Does This Instead

Almost Totally Excellent

We at The Mary Sue represent sisters both eldest and youngest. Which is, in part, why we love this story so much. Because this kid, Brandon, went to summer camp for four weeks. His last words to his sister were “stay out of my room.” She did not obey, nor did any other member of their family. Or Dwight Schrute. Or Darth Vader.

Follow the jump for highlights from the gallery of pictures from Brandon’s room.

“My, what a spacious room you have bran! best. blanketfort. ever.”

“…yet intimate enough to be used as a cozy nightclub.”

The grandparents took a…siesta…in there, too, while he was gone.

Dwight made an appearance.

They celebrated Christmas without him. Ouch.

Some battles for intergalactic peace were fought.

As well as some long-deserved Pac-Man revenge.

Also, some gypsies came to stay, and they brought some lederhosen.

Toy Story happened. WIN.

Frankly, we kind of wish things as exciting as this happened whenever we went away for a few weeks. To view the whole gallery, go here, or here if you don’t have Facebook.

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