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Men Now Want Women to Wear Parkas at the Gym

Leslie Knope yelling at men

Oh no, men are yet again angry at women for existing.

Imagine going to the gym, if you will. There, you’re sweating and trying to work out and do whatever is necessary to get your workout in before going about the rest of your day.

If you’re doing this as a man, congratulations, you probably have no one bothering you, even if you’re shirtless and in short shorts and continue to not clean the equipment after you’re done using it and grunt when you lift the smallest amount of weight—just so we know that you’re lifting. You know?

If you are a woman, though, everyone seems to have an opinion on the exact ways in which you’re working out wrong. From men giving unsolicited advice on “form” or whatever, to judgmental glares while we use equipment they think they own, to unwelcome sexual advances, now we have a new thing we’re apparently supposed to do to appease men at the gym: sweat through our parkas.

At least according to this guy:

Why be comfortable when you can appease men?

Some guy going by Big Nik (eye roll) logged on to Twitter to say that women do not need to wear spandex (which a lot of workout clothes are made out of) or yoga pants (meant for … yoga and working out) at the gym. That there’s plenty of other clothing. He went on to say that he shouldn’t “feel like I’m in a strip club when I’m just trying to work on my health.”

You know, strip clubs, famous for their yoga pants routines.

Obviously a lot of the replies here were people telling “Big Nik” he was being an ass on main but it also ushered in a sea of men agreeing with him. Big Nik even cashed in on all that attention he was seeking and made a “diss track” about the women who are calling him out. (He’s also tweeted anti-mask messages because he apparently has very specific requirements for how much “covering up” is too much!) Whenever I see men like this online, it does make me happy to know that I could for sure take them in a physical challenge. Because there’s no way a man this fragile can do anything but cry online about how women are distracting them.

The comments ranged from “YEAH! Women shouldn’t wear yoga pants” to equating how women are dressing to what is worn at the Playboy Mansion.

The men are not okay

The worst comments were ones going so far as to say that gyms should be “segregated” based on sex. You know, instead of just telling men to mind their business and leave women alone when they are working out and not bothering anyone else there.

It all stems from a place of entitlement. To men, the gym is their place. Why? Because they think that they have the right to the equipment that women don’t. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have watched men just sit on machines and take their time like it is their own home when others (particularly women) are waiting to use it. They have this mentality where they think they not just can but should and need to take up space.

So when women begin to take up space at the gym too, this type of man can’t handle it. They get all angry about what we’re wearing and what that means for them and their workouts when the reality is that it shouldn’t matter to you! It’s a gym, you are famously supposed to be doing something else while you are there!

Telling women to “cover up” because you don’t want to see workout clothes at a place meant for working out is your own personal problem. Not ours. So if you see a woman wearing yoga pants in the gym? Mind your own f**king business.

Now, let me get my gym parka from the cleaners.

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