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Things We Saw Today: Mel Gibson May Somehow Direct Lethal Weapon 5, Despite “Cancel Culture”

He's in "talks" to direct the movie.

Mel Gibson holds a gun in the trailer for his crappy new movie.

Growing up, I knew that Mel Gibson was one of our biggest action stars, and then it became public knowledge that he was a horrible person. For a while, he stopped being in front of the camera but was still regularly working in Hollywood. Directing movies and more, he’s always had a career and continued to work despite his gross comments coming out and allegations about him being physically abusive. Now, he’s heading back to a franchise he knows well: Lethal Weapon. 

According to Variety, Gibson is in talks to direct the fifth Lethal Weapon movie, the franchise that he starred in over 30 years ago. And while sure, this would be nice if it wasn’t Mel Gibson, it is. And that’s the reality of the situation. It’s proof that, yet again, “cancel culture” doesn’t exist because it is well documented that Gibson is problematic. In fact, Variety published a report on this back in 202, wondering how he still has a career.

And yet, he does. Who is going to see these movies? Who thinks that Gibson is a box office draw? Although, I wouldn’t be surprised to be disappointed in just how many people would go see a Lethal Weapon sequel with him involved, if I’m being honest. It still makes us question what we’re doing if someone like Gibson, who has a well-documented history of being anti-Semitic, abusive, and homophobic is still working in Hollywood.

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