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The Raw Meat Puppet From the New They Might Be Giants Music Video can See Into My Soul [Video]

Is this what all us humans look like to Bender?

It’s no secret that we love They Might Be Giants and their flair for the unusual. Their latest music video for “You’re On Fire” was just released today, though, and… wow. That sure is a puppet made of raw beef. With blank, unfeeling eye sockets. It’s looking at me, you guys. I can’t turn my gaze. Someone help.

In all seriousness, this is a really cool music video. It’s even got Lauren Lapkus from Orange is the New Black! Hey, watch it there, Susan Fisher. Right now you’re just guarding the inmates, but killing a new form of sentiment meat-based life might get you incarcerated with ’em.

“You’re On Fire” was first released on the album Nanobots in March of this year, and the video was directed by Hoku Uchiyama and Adam Bolt.

(via NPR)

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