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McAfee Identifies The Internet’s “Most Toxic Superhero,” And It’s… Aquaman

Not a Misprint



Aquaman was identified as the “Most Toxic Superhero” by McAfee, which used their SiteAdvisor tool to determine on which superhero’s search results page you’re most likely to find things like viruses, phishing, spam, and adware. Writes McAfee’s Robert Siciliano:

With the resurgence of the superheroes into mainstream movies (think Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America to name a few), hackers are leveraging their popularity to target consumers. Hackers are most successful when they can attract a large number of victims. One way to target big crowds online is to track current events—everything from celebrity meltdowns and natural disasters to holidays and popular music—and now, superheroes.

…but Aquaman?

If you do a search for the aquatic superhero there’s an 18.6% likelihood the page you click on will try to infect your computer with some sort of malware. Good thing so few people care enough to search for him, then. I’m sorry, Aquaman, do you need some water for that burn? Oh, you have some already? Cool.

You can check out the top 15 “Toxic Superheroes,” along with their percentage of, er, toxicity, below. Safe (web) surfing, Aquaman fans.

Aquaman 18.60%
Mr. Fantastic 18.22%
The Hulk 17.30%
Wonder Woman 16.77%
Daredevil 16.70%
Iron Man 15.63%
Superman 15.21%
Thor 15.10%
Green Lantern 15.00%
Cyclops 14.40%
Wolverine 14.27%
Invisible Woman 12.40%
Batman 12.30%
Captain America 11.77%
Spider-Man 11.15%

(via: Paste Magazine)

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