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It’s May 4th, Brace Yourself for an Obnoxious Amount of “May the Fourth Be With You”



I’m as big a fan of Star Wars as the next geek, though not as much as Glen, so the idea of celebrating the franchise on a specific day sounds great. I’m not opposed to having special days for stuff like that, and I’d probably also get behind a Biker Mice From Mars Day, but that’s just me. That said, perhaps we’ve all gone a little overboard with this whole “May the fourth be with you” thing. Yeah, it’s that time of year again.

It’s gotten to the point where I dread logging in to Twitter or Facebook due to the sheer number of jokes, references, and everything else involved in May 4th. Celebrating is great, and Star Wars is great, but the world probably doesn’t need another tweet about it. Somehow, some way, the world will keep spinning.

It’s not even like I don’t particularly care about the event, like say the Super Bowl. It’s the banal, meaningless drivel of the one phrase. Got a clever or insightful way to celebrate? Great! But spouting the May 4th equivalent of “happy holidays” isn’t going to win you any points in my book.

Everything in moderation, people. The problem here isn’t that you’re saying an empty phrase, but that you’re joining your voice to the multitude of others that are also saying an empty phrase. You may not be shouting into the echo chamber, but you’re sure not whispering. Be creative! Do something beyond the ordinary and really celebrate the spirit of Star Wars.

Or, you know, write editorials about how the whole thing rubs you the wrong way.

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