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Entertainment Weekly Made The Poster For Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars Episode VII


PO Star Wars

Okay, folks, we officially need something to brighten our day, and we suspect you’re right there with us. So big thanks to Entertainment Weekly’s Jef Castro for bringing us this poster of Patton Oswalt’s idea of what Star Wars Episode VII would look like. From Moon Knight to Spider Robot Chewbacca, Oswalt’s amazing eight minute diatribe outlining a pop-culture orgy for the ages from Parks and Rec is represented nearly in its entirety on this incredible poster, which is frankly just what we could use right now. Keep reading to get a load of the whole shebang.

SW& Poster FULL

Thanks, Entertainment Weekly. Literally all I’m good for today is thinking about Spider-Man fighting Boba Fett, so this actually helps a lot.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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