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Matt Gaetz’s Fiancée’s Sister Is Sharing Stories About Her “Creepy” Future Brother-in-Law

Matt Gaetz wears sunglasses and a suit outside.

The sister of Ginger Luckey– fiancée to disgraced congressman and all-around creep Matt Gaetz–has been dishing about her future in-law on TikTok.

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Over a series of videos posted to her now-private account, 20-year-old Roxanne Luckey shared several stories of Gaetz being “weird and creepy.” While she briefly served as a White House intern last year, Roxanne says Gaetz tried to set her up with one of his friends—a much older man who was divorced and had a child. The then-19-year-old says the man became increasingly aggressive and “creepy” in hitting on her until he finally apologized and said he “just wanted to get Matt off [his] back.”

When Luckey finally saw Gaetz again in person, it was at Thanksgiving dinner with her family. She says that when she confronted him about encouraging this man to pursue her, Gaetz lost it.

“He just immediately got so defensive and started yelling at me and my mom,” Luckey said in a video captioned “story time.” “He called me a narcissist, just was a thousand percent gaslighting me—went full lawyer, ‘I don’t have to listen to you, I don’t have to answer your questions.’”

“Someone who is innocent shouldn’t be getting so defensive, and literally being a grown man and yelling at a 20-year-old girl is just beyond me,” she said.

Luckey said that when everything came out about Gaetz, she was “not surprised”—not just because of the encounter she had with him at Thanksgiving but because during her time in D.C., she says she heard things “through the grapevine.”

According to Luckey (and others we’ve heard from), Gaetz “had a reputation of prowling after college girls when he’s a grown man.”

“And to me, that’s just kind of weird,” Luckey added.

As a reminder, Gaetz is currently under investigation for allegedly having sex with and trafficking a minor. A good deal of evidence also suggests that he has regularly paid other of-age but extremely young women for sex (with money, drugs, vacations, and other things of value).

Gaetz’s colleagues have also described other legal but incredibly creepy and inappropriate behaviors, like sharing naked photos and videos of women he’s slept with, and instituting a points-based game around sleeping with young interns, married colleagues, and others in his political circles.

The Daily Beast reached out to Gaetz’s fiancé Ginger Luckey for comment and she said that she and Roxanne are “estranged” and took aim at her sister’s mental health.

“Matt and I are enjoying our engagement and are deeply in love. My estranged sister is mentally unwell,” Ginger told the outlet. “She has been in therapy for years and our family hopes that after receiving in-patient mental health treatment, she will overcome the tendency she has repeatedly shown to engage in destructive behavior.”

If they weren’t already estranged, that kind of comment is likely enough to ensure that will be the case moving forward.

In one of her videos, Roxanne Luckey expressed that she wasn’t sharing all of this just to shine a light on Gaetz’s behavior, but the behavior of many male politicians she’s encountered.

“As someone who has personally experienced a ton of creepy old politician men hitting on me when I was underage, and experiencing sexual assault at that age by people of power, it’s very disheartening and I have zero tolerance of people like [Gaetz], and I think politicians need to be held accountable for their actions,” she says. “I’m tired of them getting away with this type of stuff and I think it’s important that we are aware and hold people accountable to whatever extent we can.”

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