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Marvel Wants to Do That Inhumans Movie Vin Diesel Was Talking About, Already Has a Script

Vin Diesel for all the roles.



Over the weekend, Vin Diesel found a new way to play with the heartstrings of Marvel fans, posting to Facebook that “I get the strange feeling that Marvel thinks I’m Inhuman.” And while I wish he’d hinted at an upcoming Inhumans video in the middle of him dancing to a Beyoncé song (never forget), it’s still pretty cool that Marvel might be putting our boy Iron Giant in front of the camera.

And now it’s looking more and more like it might actually happen, or at least that the movie itself might be made, whether or not Diesel plays Black Bolt. According to anonymous sources at Collider (grain of salt), Marvel is already planning to do an Inhumans movie as part of their goal of “building a multiple-film cosmic universe.” The process is the same as it was for the oh-so-successful Guardians of the Galaxy: Script gets written as part of Marvel’s writing program. Marvel finds a director for that script. Director possibly changes things up/brings in new writers/etc. But the writing program is one of the first steps.

For Guardians, that writer was Nicole Perlman, the MCU’s first female writer. For The Inhumans, the writer is apparently one Joe Robert Cole, a relative screenwriting newbie who penned the indie film Amber Lake back in 2011. If this rumor pans out, Cole will be the first POC to helm an MCU script since Hawk Ostby co-wrote Iron Man.

You can’t give us anything about whether a female-led movie is wending its way through the writing program, too, Marvel? A wink? A slight nod? Nothing?

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