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Which Marvel Characters Are Getting Their Own Short Films?


Here’s something that’s been going on without our knowledge for a while: Marvel Studios has been throwing around the idea of producing short films about some its less blockbuster-y characters and has actually shot two of them already. Both of them star Clark Gregg as S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Agent Phil Coulson and will be on the DVDs and Blu-Rays for Thor and Captain America later this year. But will this become “a thing”? And what characters will they be choosing? But most intriguingly — is this the true story behind Isaiah Mustafa‘s Luke Cage video?

According to Film School Rejects, there has been talk about doing a series of shorts for some time now, but nothing was ever confirmed, and the most we got out of Marvel Chief Kevin Feige was that he “like[d] the idea.” And while these two shorts that are already in the can have a set destination, where would others be shown if there is Marvel finds its audience clamoring for more? Online is one answer — a web series format, very high quality video with lots of advertising. Or Pixar style, with the shorts accompanying new features:

The future of Marvel movies could bring us one-off adventures with some very cool characters before the main attraction begins.

Which now begs the question: Which Marvel characters would be fitting for a brief but well-produced film? Among its most recognizable members is Norman Osborn, who could be up for his own reboot. Or maybe someone who hasn’t had their own movie yet, like Dr. Strange. One name that often comes up is Luke Cage. And that begs the question: Was that Luke Cage “pitch” video featuring Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa somehow related to these short films? Because that video has since been taken down. Hmmm … There could be several reasons for that, but is it possible that these Marvel shorts have something to do with it? Pure, unadulterated speculation …

(Film School Rejects via io9)

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