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Disney and Netflix Will Launch Original, Live Action Marvel TV Shows in 2015

You know, because bringing us Star Wars Episode VII in 2015 just wasn't enough for Disney.


Netflix and Disney have struck a deal to bring a few Marvel characters we haven’t seen represented on film to TV in live action. We were already happy with Netflix’s move towards providing more original scripted content, because they’ve proven several times that they’re great at it, so this is good news for everyone involved.

The “unprecedented deal” includes four, thirteen-episode series beginning with a Daredevil show to be followed by one centered on Jessica Jones, one on Iron Fist, and another on Luke Cage. It also includes a deal for a Defenders miniseries that will undoubtedly bring the four story lines, and characters, together in one show.

The four characters have existing relationships in the comics’ universe, and bringing them together with solo series and a team-up, like the Avengers and their various solo movies, seems like a no-brainer. Too bad Ben Affleck is probably too busy being Batman to play Daredevil, which makes us sad. Some of us, anyway. We’re still a little split on that issue.

According to the release, the content will be spread out over a few years, but it’s really nice to see some of the lesser-known characters from the Marvel universe being brought to life. It’s a testament to the power of streaming Internet TV services that we’re finally getting a fleshed out comic universe on-screen, and we hope this is only the beginning of a trend.

Plus, we can only imagine that this deal will be great for Netflix, since superhero movies are doing great right now, but they’re not really represented on television outside of cartoons. Either way, we get more of the comic book universe we love than we were ever likely to get with regular television, and Netflix has original content with a built-in audience. Everybody wins!

(via Deadline, image via Marvel)

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