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What Is Happening on Twitter? Search For Marvel, Find DC

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Out of what appears to be curiosity, Bleeding Cool searched for “Marvel” on Twitter and came up with the above results — Tweets mentioning DC Comics, including the official feed for DC Comics. Huh. That’s weird. Did DC somehow buy Marvel on Twitter?

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This story first broke on Friday, and BC has since edited their post with the update: “And … now it’s gone.” However, I ran my own highly scientific experiment and found that this was actually still going on. Here is a screenshot from about 11:30 this morning from when I did my own search for “Marvel”:

And as of this morning, no matter how many times I refreshed my search results or clicked to view new tweets, the first account to show up was always DC Comics. BC posits that DC bought “Marvel” as a keyword, resulting in DC’s feed as a “Promoted Tweet,” something that Marvel’s trademark owners will probably get a little annoyed about since they’d rather people found Marvel-related tweets when they searched for Marvel. And rightly so. True, Captain Marvel is a DC character. But is this a sneaky marketing move on the part of DC that they’re going to try to get away with as long as they can?

(via Bleeding Cool)

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