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Avengers: Endgame Warmed My Stony-Loving Heart


Steve Rogers and Tony Stark in 'Avengers' Endgame

**Spoilers for Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame.**

Being a fan of “Stony” (the pairing of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, for those missing out) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t always easy. In fact, I’ll openly admit that I went back on forth on whether I liked the idea of them for quite some time, and then Avengers: Endgame came around, and I frantically texted my friend for fic recommendations.

From the dawning of The Avengers, many of us have looked to the ever-growing relationship between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers with a fond heart. It started as resentment towards Steve for how much Howard Stark talked about Steve Rogers, but then, as the two became closer, they actually started to care for one another.

Here is where the argument comes in that they were just friends, but for as closely as the two cared for each other and for the rift that formed between them because of Steve’s loyalty to Bucky, I’d say their feelings ran deeper than just that of two friends who cared for one another. Especially when you look at how they started to bicker in Avengers: Age of Ultron when Tony, seemingly, got closer to Banner as the two worked together to try to stop Ultron. (Am I projecting? Probably, but also, what if they kissed?)

Captain America: Civil War was a rough time for many of us. If we loved both of these characters, we were torn. I was Team Cap until Tony realized what was going on. Then I was ready for them to team up and take on Baron Zemo together. That is, you know, until Tony Stark found out that the Winter Soldier killed his parents, and then he tried to get his revenge by murdering Bucky Barnes. It was a hard time to be his fan.

That being said, Tony Stark has always been the core of the MCU and the one I love because of what he represents (within the context of building the Marvel Cinematic Universe). So sure, I know that Stony is one of the biggest ships out there, but I came about my love for it in a very roundabout way. But now, with Avengers: Endgame, there is no excuse not to get lost in the world of Stony fanfiction (for obvious reasons).

For one, the movie starts with a reunion between Steve and Tony that’s just the two of them staring into each other’s eyes for an extended period of time, and then continuing to ask each other if they trust one another throughout the movie. Don’t even get me started on the sexual tension between them when Tony shows up to give Steve his shield and help them with time travel.

I’m not the only one having the Steve/Tony feels, either. Twitter has been a wonderful source of sweet moments, fan art, and others crying about our love for Stony.

I want to read all the fanfiction about Steve and Tony and cry my eyes out so … send me those recs?

Also like … Tony literally checked out Steve’s ass, so …

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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