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Here’s What Mark Hamill Knows About Those Star Wars Sequel Casting Rumors

May The Force Be With You


We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the possibility of some combination of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill showing up in the Star Wars sequels. And we’re taking those rumors with a massive boulder of salt, since there’s been nothing close to an official announcement that any of the Original Trilogy Three will be coming back. There still isn’t. But Mark Hamill said a few things to Entertainment Tonight about the possibility of Luke, Leia, and Han showing up in the sequels that made my ears perk up.

Darnit, Mark. I’m trying to keep a cool head here.

Said Hamill:

“They’re talking to us… George [Lucas] wanted to know whether we’d be interested [in reprising our roles]. He did say that if we didn’t want to do it, they wouldn’t cast another actor in our parts—they would write us out. I can tell you right away that we haven’t signed any contracts. We’re in the stage where they want us to go in and meet with Michael Arndt, who is the writer, and Kathleen Kennedy, who is going to run Lucasfilm. Both have had meetings set that were postponed—on their end, not mine. They’re more busy than I am.”

Granted, I still have that boulder of salt firmly fixed upon my person, because A) the script’s not even done yet, B) there’s been nothing official from Disney or Lucasfilm (not that there would be until a hypothetical deal is signed), and C) George Lucas isn’t the one making decisions anymore, praise the Force. Or, to work in my weekly Mean Girls reference, he doesn’t even go here!

But still. Meetings. That’s something, right? Maybe?

Hamill has the same assumption that many fans do about the sequels, namely that they will focus on the next generation of Skywalkers and Solos, though he’s quick to note how he doesn’t have any insider information, really, guys, he doesn’t. (“I probably learn more from Entertainment Tonight than I do directly from Lucasfilm.”) He also sees Luke as being “sort of in the Obi-Wan range [as] an influential character.”

Other things Hamill wants from upcoming movies: The return of the “whole gang” from the original trilogy, not just him, Fisher, and Ford. A spinoff movie set on the Wookiee homework of Kashyyyk (“although that might be prohibitively expensive with that many Wookiees”). And a more “old school” look that finds the “right balance of CGI with practical effects,” so no badly animated pinball Yoda, please. OK, that last part was me.

(via: Cinema Blend)

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