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Welp, Republican Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene & Paul Gosar Just Got a Depressing Win

The worst people you know just had a good day.

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar grin at each other while standing in front of an American flag.

There is no way to sugarcoat this, arguably the worst people in Congress just got a win. Yup, that’s right, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar (never forget even his siblings hate him) got their Committee assignments back. Well, I guess we know what Kevin McCarthy promised them in return for their vote for his Speakership.

So, a quick refresher: Ol’ MTG got stripped of her Committee assignments in 2021 by the Democrats. Per Huffpost:

In February 2021, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives removed Greene from her committee assignments because of her past racist, antisemitic and violent remarks, including her declaration that she would have been armed and would have “won” the Jan. 6 insurrection.

OK, first off, Ma’am, this is not a Waffle House, it is Congress. Secondly, it’s delusional. It’s shades of Mark Wahlberg saying he could have stopped 9/11. There were literal combat veterans on the Democrat side, Marjorie. Rep. Jason Crow, who was an Army Ranger, was prepared to use a ballpoint pen to defend himself and others after he created a barricade in the Capitol. Judging by her Wiki, CrossFit is the biggest qualifier for MTG’s statement here. For this stupidity alone, she deserved everything Nancy Pelosi threw at her.

Alas, American Democracy truly is the worst group project of all time, and a mediocre white guy has come in and turned the exemplary work a woman has done and made a mess of it. Speaking of mess …

Paul Gosar got his assignments stripped in 2021 for something I’ll admit I mentally blocked because it’s horrible: he shared an animated video of him killing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and then fighting President Joe Biden. WTF?!

So Kevin McCarthy made deals with the dumbest and meanest among us, and now they’re back on top, where they absolutely do not belong. Per Huffpost:

On Tuesday, the House GOP Steering Committee, which delegates committee assignments, voted unanimously to assign Greene and Gosar to the Oversight and Accountability Committee, CNN reports. Greene also nabbed a seat on the Homeland Security Committee, and Gosar returned to a seat he’d occupied previously on the Natural Resources Committee.

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. The traitor to our country who said that the insurrectionists would have won if she had been armed with them that day is now on the Homeland Security Committee. I got nothing, no jokes. This sucks! Like I said at the beginning here, the bad guys got a win on this one.

Let’s turn our attention to the Oversight Accountability Committee because where their attention will be is President Biden. Which. Lol. Ok? I don’t understand fixating on things I don’t like. Then again, I’m also not a QAnon racist antisemitic insurrectionist a-hole, so having limited empathy for these jackasses is fine.

MTG is doing her best to intimidate the President, though I’m sure he’s not paying attention since he’s actually relatively good at his job and, you know, does it. Per the above article:

“Joe Biden, be prepared. We are going to uncover every corrupt business dealing, every foreign entanglement, every abuse of power, and every check cut for The Big Guy,” Greene said in a statement on Tuesday, adding that the investigation won’t stop at just the Biden family but also “every bit of government being used to abuse the American people.”

Here’s what I kind of love about this: They are so dumb, mean, and corrupt that they think this is actually a threat of some kind because this is how they live their lives. They cannot fathom that if you operate above board, this is a waste of time and you can just send a low-level bureaucrat to deal with the majority of requests. Moreso, it’s a gift for the next election cycle. All these idiots are going to do is spin their wheels, spend the taxpayer’s money, and uncover nothing.

This is like giving a toddler a task while you focus on something important. Keep them distracted so they’re less destructive if you can’t keep them out of your way entirely. Let’s take the small wins where we can because it’s pretty good to be Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar right now, and when they’re happy, it’s bad for the country.

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