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Marjane Satrapi’s Chicken With Plums

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If I’ve got a weakness for posting things that I want people to be interested in rather than things that I know people are already interested in, it’s the work of Iranian cartoonist and, with two movies under her belt, filmmaker Marjane Satrapi. From her autobiographical Persepolis, both as a graphic novel and an animated feature film, to her general eloquence on matters of human rights, and cultural relativism, seriously, go look this lady up.

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Chicken With Plums is the first live-action adaptation of her work, after the short graphic novel Poulet aux prunes, and while it may not appear to be the sort of thing we’d normally feature here, as I recall, it’s one of those stories where almost everybody is sympathetic, but almost nobody turns out to be right, and vastly different sides of it are revealed as soon as you step outside of the main character’s perspective.

(via The Beat.)

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